Supporting Community: Why You Should Shop Small

When it comes to our shopping choices, it can feel as if there are endless possibilities. From retail giants like Amazon and Target, to large grocery stores such as Safeway, Food Lion and Giant, we are often bombarded with an assortment of choices for everything we buy. However, shopping through small businesses is a fantastic way to help support your local community, as well as use meaningful shopping to make a genuine difference in the heart of Charm City. Here, the team at Baltimore County based produce delivery service, Ever Fresh discusses the benefits of supporting small business, and how this impacts our local communities. 

Shopping Small & Local Provides an Array of Financial Benefits

One of the largest, and often most overlooked areas of shopping small is the financial benefit it brings to your local community. While you may be choosing to shop small just because you enjoy the product, do not overlook the impact you are having financially. When you shop small, the sales tax from your products remains in the community, helping to fund various programs all across Baltimore. Additionally, local companies, such as Ever Fresh, provide local jobs for our community members. Since 1990, big businesses have eliminated 4 million jobs, while small businesses have added 8 million. When you choose to shop small, especially during this time of the novel coronavirus, you are making a tangible impact on the livelihood of business owners, helping them continue to support their local community while providing a service to you. 

At Ever Fresh, our passion is community. Founded in Baltimore County, it is our goal to provide produce delivery to the Baltimore region at an affordable price, all while partnering with other Charm City businesses. We currently offer produce delivery to Baltimore County and Baltimore City, and are working every day to expand. Founded on the idea of being a resource for those in need across Maryland, we strive to provide easy and affordable access to local and non-local goods.

Small Businesses Provide Exemplary Customer Service and Diversified Product Offerings

Another benefit of shopping small is the detailed customer service and often diversified product offerings you have access to. In comparison to big businesses, small companies, such as Ever Fresh, have the ability to respond to each and every customer quickly. As a business that thrives on the happiness of our community, we want to make sure our customers are pleased with every order placed through us. We make it a point to answer every message and call in a timely manner, and adjust our service offerings accordingly to support our customers. That is why we rotate our box offerings through each season, giving you the best produce and local goods Maryland has to offer. 

We also know that community means working together, which is why Ever Fresh is partnering with multiple Baltimore small businesses. From bread, to meat and other artisan goods, we want to showcase the abundance of delicious food that Charm City has, and create a space for customers to purchase on a weekly basis for convenient delivery.

Small Businesses Strive to Give Back

Last but certainly not least, small businesses make it a priority to give back to their community, and your purchases are helping them do so. Small businesses donate 250% more than larger businesses to local community causes and nonprofits. Additionally, 75% of small business owners donate an average of 6% of their profits to charitable organizations annually. At Ever Fresh, we are working to do the same through support of multiple Baltimore-based nonprofit organizations. We began our produce delivery in the midst of the coronavirus through a partnership with Baltimore County Together, delivering produce to families, the elderly and those in need across Baltimore. We understand the importance of access to tasty and healthy food for all, and make giving back to Charm City a pillar of our company’s mission.

Get Weekly Produce Delivery to Baltimore County and Baltimore City with Ever Fresh

Have you been struggling to find fresh, healthy foods at an affordable price? Are you looking to give back to the local community while enjoying delectable goods? Look no further than Ever Fresh. Our produce boxes are delivered to Baltimore County and Baltimore City residents every Saturday, and are filled with a variety of both local and non-local produce. Additionally, we have partnered with Baltimore-based bread company, A Friendly Bread, to provide you with access to other Charm City small businesses. If you know someone who may be in need of a box, feel free to send them one straight to their door! To learn more about Ever Fresh’s mission and browse our produce box offerings, click here