Budget Friendly Cooking Through Fresh Grocery Delivery

Cooking for loved ones and friends can be a great pastime, and cooking healthy meals for family is always important. However, sometimes, it can feel as if you have to sacrifice healthy or good quality foods for price, leaving you feeling defeated. Not to worry though, Ever Fresh is here to provide the best of both worlds. With weekly delivery of both pre-designed and custom grocery boxes, Ever Fresh offers delicious food at a fraction of the cost you would pay at the local grocery store. Here, our team talks about the financial benefits of food delivery, and how budget-friendly meals do not mean sacrificing quality. 

Avoid the Hassle with Ever Fresh Subscription Boxes

Our tried and true favorites, Ever Fresh subscription boxes are the perfect choice for larger families who love all fruits and veggies. Ever Fresh’s roots began during the COVID-19 pandemic, in which we partnered with Baltimore County Together to provide boxes to those in need across Baltimore. Now, we offer our Fruit, Veggie and Medley Box on subscription, in which you’ll save up to 10% every week! With our boxes averaging around 20 items per box, you get fresh, delicious produce delivered to your doorstep for a fraction of supermarket costs. The contents of our subscription boxes change seasonally, ensuring that we have the best local and non-local produce for our customers, and giving you the perfect ingredients to craft your favorite seasonal creations. Our subscription boxes don’t just stop at produce, we also offer locally made add ons, including local pumpkin and apple butters for fall, dairy options and bread from Baltimore based company, A Friendly Bread

Pick Your Favorite Ingredients with Ever Fresh Custom Boxes

While subscription boxes can be great, sometimes, you are just looking for those few special ingredients to create some of your favorite meals. Unlike other meal delivery or produce box options that pre-determine what will be included in your box, Ever Fresh now offers customizable boxes. We know that times are difficult, and spending excess money on food may not be an option. With our produce boxes, there is no wasted food. Order exactly what you want, delivered to your home weekly. We also understand that many jobs have been impacted, and you are taking advantage of each and every free moment you have to pivot and grow. By utilizing our custom boxes, there is no more hassle of going to the grocery store, standing in line and risking your health if you are immunocompromised. With free delivery, you will also avoid the hassle of paying for additional gas or public transportation to get to and from the grocery store. Our sole purpose is to serve Baltimore City and Baltimore County the best way we know how, through easily accessible, affordable food. 

Use Your Boxes to Connect With Loved Ones

Food is so much more than what we put in our body every day. Food is fuel, food is comfort and food is a connection to loved ones and your community. As a Baltimore based small business, we are so passionate about the community at Ever Fresh, and know that connecting with others through food is an amazing thing. If you have a loved one who is unable to leave their home due to age or illness, consider purchasing a box for them! Our team is currently in the process of beginning a “gifting box” program, in which you can gift a box to local charities for women and children in need across Baltimore City and county. Instead of going out to dinner or drinks to catch up with your friends or loved ones, consider cooking at home. Spend time during this chilly season connecting with one another through healthy, delicious, home-cooked meals, we know you won’t regret it.

Remain Budget Friendly With Ever Fresh Produce Boxes

Interested in learning more about Ever Fresh? Want to try your first box? With the code “GETSTARTED10”, you can get 10% off of your first purchase through Ever Fresh, and learn what we’re all about. We strive to make our boxes accessible to families of all sizes and types across Baltimore, and provide easy and affordable access to all of your produce, dairy and bread, as well as some special seasonal fall favorites. To learn more about Ever Fresh and order your box for the coming week,  click here.