Enter a Season of Giving Across Maryland with Ever Fresh Grocery Delivery

As we all know, this year has been one of change, frustration and so many uncontrollable factors. From continuously fluctuating restrictions across Maryland and beyond, many of us find ourselves unsure of what is allowed when it comes to going out in public. While we may not be able to eat out as frequently as we would like, one way to add some excitement during this time is through customizable options supporting small businesses in Maryland. Here, our team here at Ever Fresh outlines the many benefits of grocery delivery, how you can make the switch this new year, and the impact you will have supporting small businesses and those in need during this time. 

Small Businesses Need Your Help and Community

While the coronavirus pandemic has resulted in unemployment, healthcare scares and more, it has also devastated the national economy. Companies small and large have had to close their doors after years of fighting for success. In Maryland, it is no different. While Governor Larry Hogan has implemented programs to help small businesses stay afloat with these sudden changes, for many, it may not be enough. Shopping small is a fantastic way to come together as a community, and while you may think of shopping small as stopping with retail, there are so many other businesses across the state in the beauty, healthcare and food industry that could use a hand.

At Ever Fresh, we were founded in community. With our roots in Baltimore County, we pivoted our original service of providing wholesale goods to restaurants and moved towards helping those in need. Partnering with Baltimore County Together, we provided boxes for pick up weekly to hungry and struggling families across Baltimore. As we have expanded, we have made it a primary focus to include local goods in all of our boxes, including seasonal goods such as apple and pumpkin butter, as well as fresh bread through our partnership with A Friendly Bread, located right here in Charm City. When you shop small, that money is not going to a large corporation. Rather, it is going to families right here in your community, to which they will use to put back into their business in an effort to expand and succeed.

Give to Loved Ones in Need Through our Donation Program

While we work continuously to support other local businesses here at Ever Fresh, we also know that there are so many families across Baltimore, Howard and Anne Arundel County that are suffering due to the coronavirus pandemic. Families have had to make sacrifices, and many individuals have been put in difficult situations that they are unable to ask for help in. While we can’t cure their problems, we can provide a solution for one of the most basic necessities that every person deserves, food. 

When we talk about food, we don’t just mean the leftovers that may be stale and dissatisfying. We mean fresh, healthy and delicious food that every family deserves. When individuals are struggling to make ends meet, so often they are forced to put their health on the back-burner for financial reasons. At Ever Fresh, we make healthy food a priority, so that your family can have the energy and sustenance they need to get back on their feet. Throughout the month of December, we are hosting a “Buy a Box, Give a Box” program, in which you can add on an additional box to donate when you place your order for weekly delivery. If you know a family in direct need, you can have a box sent right to their house if they are located within Baltimore, Anne Arundel or Howard County. Additionally, if you do not know a family in direct need, we will donate a box to a local charity that supports women and children in need across Maryland. We know this season is difficult for all of us, which is why we want to take the small steps we can to help the most vulnerable individuals in our community. We could not do this without your help, and we hope you will join us in this season of giving. 

See How You Can Make a Difference in Your Community with Ever Fresh Grocery Delivery

If you are considering making the switch to weekly grocery delivery, now is the time! Start the new year off on a strong note and consider utilizing Ever Fresh’s services for your delivery options. As a Maryland-based small business, every purchase you make is helping us serve other families across our community. With ever-changing restrictions, supermarkets are likely to be bare during the holiday season and into the new year, making it difficult for you to get what you need, quickly. Ever Fresh offers both local and non local fruits and vegetables, dairy, bread and seasonal add-ons to cover all of your weekly necessities and more. The best part? Each of our boxes are completely customizable! We deliver to Baltimore County and City every Saturday from 8AM-5PM, and Anne Arundel and Howard County every Wednesday from 8AM-5PM. To learn more about Ever Fresh and shop for your family, click here: https://www.everfreshmd.com/shop/